PIXEL Sp. z o.o.

Company details

Company name PIXEL Sp. z o.o.
Company type Medium Enterprise (less than 250 employees and revenues less than 50 MEUR)
Industry sector Telecom and ICT
Activity description

Pixel has been providing technologically advanced electronic and IT solutions for public transport since 1994. The company’s domain is developing innovative, modern and eco-friendly electronic and IT solutions so passengers reach their destination easily, safely and comfortably while carriers gain an opportunity to manage their vehicle fleet better. Pixel devices and systems are used by the organizers and operators of public transport in the centres of transport management, at train stations, stops and in vehicles. The advanced systems of passenger information, fare collecting systems and video vehicle monitoring provide passengers with efficient, comfortable and safe travelling.

Company website https://pixel.pl/en/

Project information

Technology platform TP-2: Glass and Polymer Speciality Fibers & Fiber Devices
Application domain Connected Mobility
Project scope

A feasibility study to evaluate the application of various state-of-the-art photonic technologies for continuous monitoring of the condition of a railway turnout, i.e. detection and/or prediction of damages such as cracks, flattening, holes or crashed heads occurring in rails and electrical machinery of the turnout.

Project leader Stanislaw Stopinski
Project start March 2020
Project duration 7 months