Sill Optics GmbH

Company details

Company name Sill Optics GmbH
Company type Medium Enterprise (less than 250 employees and revenues less than 50 MEUR)
Industry sector Photonics General
Activity description

Sill Optics is one of a few medium-sized companies in Germany, which has specialized in the production of optical components of highest quality. Since its foundation in 1894, the company has built up enormous technical skills, extensive knowledge of manufacturing, as well as significant production flexibility. Furthermore, Sill invests continuously in new production technology, within the last 10 years more than 20€M in recent machinery and testing technology.

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Project information

Technology platform TP-4: Micro-Opto-Electro Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) integration
Application domain Information & Communication
Project scope

The aim of this innovation project is to build a compact but cost effective absorption measurement setup that would suit industrial needs. It should be able to resolve absorption of AR coatings and substrates, both separately and combined down to the ppm range depending on wavelength. In particular, the system should be able to test standard (round) sample geometries, which have been established as reference/witness parts in optical coating manufacturing.

Project leader Christian Muehlig
Project start May 2020
Project duration 11 months