Eligibility criteria

All of the following criteria must be fulfilled in order to have a project proposal evaluated for ACTPHAST4.0 support:

  • the company must have a European identity, i.e. a significant R&D and production presence within the EU.  Any European company may be supported, but European SMEs may receive a subsidy of 75%-100% of their innovation project (100% subsidy for the first 30K€ of project costs and 75% subsidy for costs above 30K€), whereas large-scale European companies receive a 50% subsidy – for SME classification rules, click here,

  • the Innovation Project Proposal submitted for evaluation must be complete, i.e. all of the required information is provided,

  • the company and the proposed ACTPHAST4.0 project partners must confirm their agreement with a shared understanding about the IPR issues (related to foreground and background know-how),

  • the company must confirm that its legal officers have an understanding about the conditions of the contract document should the Innovation Project be approved for support,

  • the company must confirm its agreement with the final content of the Innovation Project Proposal to be submitted for evaluation by the TCT in accordance with the evaluation criteria.


Read about the evaluation criteria