Ampliconyx Oy

Company details

Company name Ampliconyx Oy
Company type Large-Scale Company (250 or more employees or revenues greater than 50 MEUR)
Industry sector Production Technology
Activity description

Founded in 2016 as spin-off from Optoelectronics Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology, Ampliconyx Oy focuses on the production of highly cost-effective pulsed fibre lasers and amplifiers for industrial applications including material processing, bioimaging and spectroscopy.

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Project information

Technology platform TP-2: Glass and Polymer Speciality Fibers & Fiber Devices
Application domain Information & Communication
Project scope

The development of tapered ytterbium fiber gain modules (GM) for spatially non-uniform polarized optical beams

Project leader Dr. Katrin Wondraczek (IPHT)
Project start January 2022
Project duration 10 months