Evaluation criteria

An overview of the evaluation criteria used by the ACTPHAST4.0 TCT is described below. 

Each criterion is scored with a value from 0 (underperformed) to 5 (excellent). Each criterion has a certain weight. The score is multiplied with this weight. The individual score of the criteria indicated with an “*” should be at least 2,5. The total score should be at least 70 points (70/100). If these thresholds cannot be reached, the project cannot be accepted as is (but may be re-submitted for fresh evaluation with certain modifications made to overcome identified deficiencies in the proposal).

The innovative character of the project (weight: 0,5)

  • Is the solution new in the market? *
  • Is the project creating valuable IP / knowhow? *
  • Can photonics be seen as a key enabling element in this project? *

The commitment by the company (weight: 1,5)

  • The allocated manpower
  • Trustability of commitment
  • The level of financial commitment

Quality of the project team & project plan (weight: 2,0)​

  • Does the presented technological approach make sense in light of the stated project goals? *
  • Are the proposed ACTPHAST 4.0 partners well positioned to carry out the developments? *
  • Are the timeline, choice of deliverables and milestones well chosen? *
  • Are the resources well justified? *

Fit with ACTPHAST4.0 KPIs (weight 1,0)

  • Is the project initiating a new research collaboration for the company or a research collaboration with more than one partner?
  • Is the company a non-photonics company?

The credibility of the company / dynamic & entrepreneurial character (weight 2,0)

  • Has the company – or in the case of a start-up, its management team – a proven track record of bringing new products/solutions to the market?*
  • Has the company access to other management and innovation knowhow that would give confidence over the ability to execute? *
  • Has the company a proven track record of completing successfully public or public-private funded projects (e.g. FP-7, national programs, etc.)? *

The added value on the business level of the company (weight: 1,0)

  • The Target Market (who are the target customers/segments; the purchasing decision-makers, etc.)? *
  • The Market Validation (experience & relationships of the company with these customers; is the target market an existing or new one)? *
  • The Route to Market (what channels will the company use to sell and deliver its products to its target customers?) *
  • The Value Proposition (the competitive positioning and unique competitive advantage) *
  • The Financial Aspects of the business plan (how will the company make the product at a competitive price to make acceptable profits? How will it finance getting product to market, and scaling its growth? What resources, activities and partners are necessary and when?) *


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