Company details

Company name HOPU
Company type Small Enterprise (less than 50 employees and revenues less than 10 MEUR)
Industry sector Environment
Activity description

HOP Ubiquitous S.L. (HOPU) specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of IoT devices for Smart Cities. One of HOPU’s solutions, Smart Spot, comprises a variety of sensors to measure environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, noise pollution and air quality (NO2, CO2, SO2, NO and O2).

Company website https://hopu.eu/

Project information

Technology platform TP-1: Free-space photonic components and systems
Application domain Smart Cities & Smart Living
Project scope

To investigate a particulate matter sensor based on optical scattering which HOPU would like to add to their portfolio. This project is a follow-up to a previous ACTPHAST feasibility study (P2019-21).

Project leader Dr. Ir. Peter Harmsma (TNO)
Project start February 2022
Project duration 5 months