iCap Holding B.V.

Company details

Company name iCap Holding B.V.
Company type Micro Enterprise (less than 10 employees and revenues less than 2 MEUR)
Industry sector Medical
Activity description

iCap Holding is a micro enterprise working in the medical sector, which aims to develop and sell a wound therapy device based on the principle of photo biomodulation (low level light therapy) specifically aimed at treating complex wounds (wounds that are open for more than four weeks.

Project information

Technology platform TP-1: Free-space photonic components and systems
Application domain Biomedical
Project scope

To bring the patented iCap technology to a demonstration level, and to pre-pilot the technology ex-vivo, with patients in a real-life setting.

Project leader Ir. Indy Magnus (VUB)
Project start September 2021
Project duration 7 months