K|Lens GmbH

Company details

Company name K|Lens GmbH
Company type Micro Enterprise (less than 10 employees and revenues less than 2 MEUR)
Industry sector Others
Activity description

K|Lens was founded in 2016 by a group of dedicated computational photography enthusiasts. Our team is made up of photographers, entrepreneurs and passionate software developers.

Company website https://www.k-lens.de/

Project information

Technology platform TP-1: Free-space photonic components and systems
Application domain Industry 4.0
Project scope

The goal of the innovation project is to develop an optical-mechanical design and a prototype which is adapted to the requirements of industrial inspection. A key challenge will be to develop and build a kaleidoscope-like mirror tunnel with extremely high right angle accuracy which can be produced in the future in series at an acceptable cost.

Project leader Daniel Gauder
Project start April 2020
Project duration 6 months