Perseus Biomics

Company details

Company name Perseus Biomics
Company type Micro Enterprise (less than 10 employees and revenues less than 2 MEUR)
Industry sector Medical
Activity description

Perseus Biomics is a small biotechnology company focused on microbiome abundance profiling for insights into human health, enabling researchers and clinicians to carry out high-performance, time- and cost-efficient microbiome analysis in laboratories and at point-of-need.

Project information

Technology platform TP-1: Free-space photonic components and systems
Application domain Biomedical
Project scope

A feasibility study to replace the current illumination unit for the company’s fluorescence microscope with a new illumination module as the current system is expensive, has a non-uniform beam distribution, does not fit the field of view, and suffers from speckle.

Project leader Prof. Dr. Ir. Heidi Ottevaere (VUB)
Project start January 2022
Project duration 10 months